Governance and Operational Policies and Procedures guide how we effectively manage our school. The Board is responsible for the policies, and the Staff are responsible for the procedures. Only the policies will be available online. 

We welcome you to come and view all policies and procedures at the school office at any time. 

Policy Review

The Board is responsible for setting the direction of the school and as part of this regularly reviews our policies. If you have any comments, or changes you'd like to make, please reach out to any Board member, or Alicia specifically who currently heads the Policy Review Committee. Most of our policies are on a 3-yearly review cycle, however we invite feedback on any policy at any time.

We currently have several policies under review that we are specifically calling for input on:

And for review by our Māori whānau:

This year's focus for review are policies on:


Curriculum and Attendance

Finance and Property

Governance and Self Review


Wellbeing and Health & Safety